peat free compost from Petersfield Growing Mediums (UK)

At Petersfield performance comes first and our retail products use the same top quality fertiliser, wetting agent etc. as our commercial grower range. This ensures excellent results leading to high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat sales.

peat free multi purpose compostPetersfield Multi Purpose Composts

A reduced peat formulation and striking bag design keep this product a strong seller. Available in a 60 litre bag and a 25 litre carry bag.

multi-purpose compost with reduced peat


Peat Free Multi
Purpose Compost

A blend of the best available peat alternatives. Originally developed as part of our commercial grower product trials programme.

grow bag supreme

pat free compost - ericaceous supreme compostGrowbag: Reduced peat formulation, professional quality fertiliser for excellent results.

Ericaceous Supreme Compost

Simply our professional growers ericaceous potting compost put in to an attractive bag suitable for retailing.


peat free compost range and organic soil improverPetersfield John Innes Compost

A high quality John Innes formulation from one of the country's leading soil sterilisers, this product has always been a “reduced peat” compost ideal for a wide range of longer term uses, the traditional way to better plants. Available in 25 litre bags John Innes No 1, John Innes No 2 & John Innes No 3.


Organic Soil Improver

A naturally peat free and organic product made to peat free compost range and organic soil improverthe highest standards from composted plant material. Improves soils by adding humus and enriching with minerals. Will improve moisture retention in light soils as well as improving structure and drainage in heavier soils. 40 litre bags 50 per pallet also available loose tipped or in bulk bags.


Tree and Shrub Planting Compost

Developed to assist the rapid development of trees peat free compost range and organic soil improverand shrubs when planted out. Also useful for mulching newly planted trees and shrubs, together with general soil improvement. 50 litre bags 60 per pallet also available loose tipped or in bulk bags.

Petersfield No 2 / Houseplant Compost

This unique product derived from many years experience of supplying commercial growers, contains Sterilised Soil to out perform conventional peat composts, available in 20 litre and 40 litre bags.

Petersfield Hanging Basket Compost

High performance hanging basket and container compost as supplied to commercial growers, local authorities etc. available in 15 litre bags.

Scotbark Ornamental Bark Mulch
Back by popular demand, high quality attractive mulch - giant size bag.

Also available:

  •   Horticultural Grit
  •   Sterilised Soil
  •   Blended Garden Peat
  •   Kiln Dried Sand

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