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Petersfield continue to be at the forefront of peat free and reduced peat compost development, we first manufactured peat free mixes in 1991, mainly for the local authority market.

peat free compost supreme soil bark and coir mix In 1993 we were asked to help develop and supply peat free compost mixes to the most famous plant collection in the UK (if not the world), a relationship that is still going strong.
peat free compost supreme soil bark and coir mix
White tag - Control source.
Red tag - Peat Free Supreme.
By 1994 we had developed Peat Free Supreme, a soil, bark, coir mix that out performed peat composts in several ways, this was proven by independent trials in 1995.

We supply peat free composts to an enviable client base that includes The Royal Households, The National Trust, English Heritage, The Royal Horticultural Society, The Zoological Society of London and Cambridge University Botanical Gardens.

Continuous research and development means that we now manufacture Peat Free composts and growing mediums from possibly the widest range of raw materials in the industry, both for commercial growers and retailers. We have compost mixes and recommendations for almost all crops.

Peat Free Compost Range

Peat Free Supreme

General seed and potting, close texture, excellent water retention, especially under protection.

Peat Free Supreme - High Coir A development of the original Peat Free Supreme that is lighter and easier to handle. Highly recommended for bedding, pot plants and Autumn bedding.
Peat Free Supreme - F Another development of Peat Free Supreme, using Fytocell Foam to both reduce density and hold more water. This blend has proved itself in hanging baskets and large Local Authority planters for several years.
Peat Free Potting Excellent capillary action, suitable for sand bed systems - escpecially suitable for 9cm to 2 litre pots e.g. Perennials, larger pot plants and nursery stock.
Peat Free T2 Designed to fit between Peat Free Potting and Peat Free Nursery Stock, this mix has a good combination of moisture retention and drainage, making it suitable for pot sizes 9cm upwards.

Peat Free Nursery Stock

Versatile mix designed to be relatively free draining for outdoor use, suitable for a wide range of pot sizes and crop types.

Peat Free Nursery Stock - F

A development of the successful PFNS using a man-made, biodegradable foam instead of St.Soil, this mix is lighter with improved water management

buxus peat-free nursery picture


A buxus after only 8 weeks in peat-free nusery stock.



Prescription mixing:
All Petersfield's mixes can be tailored to suit individual grower or plant requirements. We can advise on mixes to suit a wide range of specific crops and applications.

Product development:
At Petersfield we are continuously working to improve our products and have ongoing trials with new blends. Peat alternatives are developing particularly quickly, please keep in touch for the latest information.

Reduced Peat Composts:
We have many recommendations for situations where the grower does not want or need to go fully peat free. Many reduced peat recipes offer improvements over 100% peat products.

It still remains difficult to grow ericaeous plants in 100% peat free mediums, consequently we have developed a 50% peat mix which is producing excellent quality and reliable results for professional growers.

poinsettas in peat free compost Poinsettas in Peat Free Supreme -F Compost pansies in peat free compost
Pansies in Peat Free Supreme - HC Compost

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