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Petersfield manufacture and supply a wide range of materials for the landscape, amenity and sports ground markets.

Many of these products can be formulated to order, if required and can be delivered in different load sizes, bags, bulk bags and loose tipped.

All our soil mixes are based on natural topsoil that meets BS3882.

garden landscaping materials
  • Soil Improvers / Planting Mulches
  • Peat Based and Peat Free growing mediums
  • Urban Planter and Basket Mixes
  • Soil Profiles for Long Term Planting in Conservatories, Orangeries, Plant Collections etc
  • Roof Garden Soil Mixtures
  • Landscape Soils:
    Top soil
    Enriched top soil
    Screened soil
    Enriched, screened soil
    Sterilised, screened soil
  • Bark Mulches
  • Playbarks
  • Turf Dressing Materials
  • Rootzone Mixes
  • Sportsturf Fertilisers - our own comprehensive range
  • Grass Seeds:
    Wildflower Mixes
    Sports ground
    Specialist Mixes

peat free compost range and organic soil improverOrganic Soil Improver

A naturally peat free and organic product made to the highest standards from composted plant material. Improves soils by adding humus and enriching with minerals. Will improve moisture retention in light soils as well as improving structure and drainage in heavier soils. 40 litre bags 50 per pallet also available loose tipped or in bulk bags.


peat free compost range and organic soil improverTree and Shrub Planting Compost

Developed to assist the rapid development of trees and shrubs when planted out. Also useful for mulching newly planted trees and shrubs, together with general soil improvement. 50 litre bags 60 per pallet also available loose tipped or in bulk bags.

Cambridge University Botanical Gardens

RHS Gardens Wisley

RHS Gardens Wisley

Cambridge University Botanical Gardens


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