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Petersfields philosophy is to aim for quality from raw material selection through to delivery service.

We use the best available ingredients, together with tried and tested recipes to produce reliable performance and results.

If you do not see what you want please refer to prescription mixing.



Recommendation of use

Module Supreme

Fine grade screened sphagnum peat

Production of seedlings and young plants in module trays or open tray sowing

Universal Supreme

Medium grade screened sphagnum peat sand

Production of seedlings and young plants, open tray sowing, cuttings in large cells.

Bedding Supreme

Medium grade screened sphagnum peat

Quick crop bedding plant production in packs and strips

Potting Supreme

Medium grade sphagnum peat

General purpose potting and bedding including pot and box bedding, basket plants.

Potting Supreme No 2

Medium grade sphagnum peat sterilised loam, vermiculite

Long term potting where greater water retention and buffering is required, larger plant pots, baskets and tubs.

Potting Supreme No 3

Medium grade sphagnum peat Fytocell foam

Development of PS No 2, excellent water management and root environment lead to enhanced growth, particularly good in hanging baskets.

Ericaceous Supreme

Medium grade sphagnum peat

Where low pH is required, rooting of cuttings in cells and potting of ericaceous plants.

Planting Supreme

Medium coarse sphagnum peat grit contains controlled release fertiliser

Potting of herbaceous and nursery stock, production of shrub liners and some larger plants

Peat Free Supreme

General seed and potting, close texture, excellent water retention, especially under protection.

Peat Free Supreme - High Coir A development of the original Peat Free Supreme that is lighter and easier to handle. Highly recommended for bedding, pot plants and Autumn bedding.
Peat Free Supreme - F Another development of Peat Free Supreme, using Fytocell Foam to both reduce density and hold more water. This blend has proved itself in hanging baskets and large Local Authority planters for several years.
Peat Free Potting Excellent capillary action, suitable for sand bed systems - escpecially suitable for 9cm to 2 litre pots e.g. Perennials, larger pot plants and nursery stock.
Peat Free T2 Designed to fit between Peat Free Potting and Peat Free Nursery Stock, this mix has a good combination of moisture retention and drainage, making it suitable for pot sizes 9cm upwards.

Peat Free Nursery Stock

Versatile mix designed to be relatively free draining for outdoor use, suitable for a wide range of pot sizes and crop types.

Peat Free Nursery Stock - F

A development of the successful PFNS using a man-made, biodegradable foam instead of St.Soil, this mix is lighter with improved water management

Award winning hanging baskets in Potting Supreme No.3.




Prescription Mixing:

Petersfield provide compost mixtures closely tailored to suit the individual needs of specific plants, nursery practices and personal preferences.

We can incorporate a wide range of ingredients from specific fertilisers to pesticides. We constantly seek out and evaluate new materials and ingredients in order to keep our customers informed and using the best possible mix for their needs.

We can manufacture your recipe, make a recommendation or work with you to develop a suitable mix.

Petersfield also have recommendations for special applications such as; roof gardens, aquatic plant production, indoor and outdoor landscaping.

All products can be supplied in bags, semi-bulk bags or loose tipped in a variety of load sizes.

Please contact us to make any enquiries or requests for further literature.

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